Outlandia Festival
August 11


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our latest album 🌫 Born in Fog was released in May 2022
our singles Fraidy Cat & Good Night Kitty were released in July 2022


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The band The Envy Corps sitting in an empty room with shadows across their faces.

Started by Luke Pettipoole in Ames, Iowa the early 2000s, the Envy Corps became a staple of the Midwest indie rock circuit with the release of their lo-fi debut album Soviet Reunion in 2004. After several personnel changes, the lineup of Pettipoole, guitarist Brandon Darner, and rhythm section brothers Scott and David Yoshimura began work on I Will Write You Love Letters If You Tell Me To and iby 2006 the EP was making the rounds on local radio. The song Rhinemaidens, which featured a more polished and upbeat sound, helped to capture the attention of UK label Mercury Records. The band were signed and quickly relocated to London to begin touring in support of the Story Problem EP.

In 2006, the best of their early material and several new songs were combined to create the band’s major label debut, Dwell. Health issues brought on by touring the UK for 2 years pushed the album release back a year, and the album was quietly released in summer of 2008. The band parted ways with Mercury and returned to America. Eager to continue releasing music, they made a lineup adjustment, swapping David Yoshimura for guitarist and mixing engineer Micah Natera. The bombastic Kid Gloves EP resulted the next year and marked the first self-release for the band. In 2011, their follow-up album, the darker It Culls You, was quietly but warmly received, and in 2012 a studio performance video, Live at ARC, was filmed at Bright Eyes’ ARC Studios in Omaha, NE.

Following their performance at 2015’s Hinterland festival, the band went on a loose hiatus while its members contributed to productions for other artists including Keuning (Dave Keuning of The Killers), Canby, Elison, Trevor Sensor, Ancient Posse, Twinsmith, and Icky Blossoms. Three years later, the band reunited and hit the studio, with the first fruits of the sessions being the singles “Weather Baby”, and “Sour Patch” in the summer of 2019. Amidst the pandemic of 2020-21, the band slowly built upon those sessions in their own home studios, and the result was 2022’s Born in Fog. Soon after, the singles Fraidy Cat and Good Night Kitty were released.